The design of this car seat is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. Let’s take a peek beneath the hood to check whether everything is as wonderful as it seems.

According to a friend of ours who works as a police officer, the only car seat that is dangerous is one that is not in use. All of the car seats available on the market will provide enough protection for your kid. If there are any problems, they are immediately identified and resolved.

Britax is a well-established brand that places a significant emphasis on safety. Many parents who have used a Britax car seat in the past have continued to use it. They wouldn’t put their faith in anything else, from baby car seats to all-in-one solutions.

The second problem with car seats is that the vast majority of them are improperly fitted. According to a recent study, 75% of the population does not have sufficient electrical wiring. This is a frightening figure. If the car seat is not properly fitted, it will be unable to perform its function. As a result, make certain that you are in the 25 percentile, so that your child is always protected.

Britax Emblem 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat review

What is Britax Emblem

The Britax Emblem is a convertible car seat that allows youngsters to ride in comfort until they are ready to transition to a booster car seat. You can use the seat rear-facing if you weigh between 5 and 40 pounds, and forward-facing if you weigh between 20 and 65 pounds. Put in mind, though, that it is always safer to keep your kid in a rear-facing car seat for the longest period of time.

Review Methodology

My initial reservations regarding the Britax Emblem stemmed from its cheap price, but its excellent safety ratings quickly dispelled those concerns. Now that I’ve had some hands-on experience with it, I’m pleasantly pleased by how well it performs.

Allow me to explain this seat and its characteristics. We may then compare it to some other similarly priced chairs to see how well it performed overall.


A few distinct designs of black, gray, and white are available for the seat, which is available in a variety of sizes. I thought it was a lovely, understated seat, if not my girls’ favorite design, at the very least.


The Britax Emblem is a very lightweight stroller that won’t cause too much discomfort in your seat. Smaller vehicles, on the other hand, may not be able to accommodate three people in the backseat.

CategoriesBritax Emblem
Weight19.5 lbs.
Dimensions18.5″ W x 26″ H x 21″ D


I believe Britax designed the Emblem to accommodate a wide variety of weights for newborns in the rear-facing position up until your kid is ready to transition to a booster seat. The maximum number of people that can fit into a seat is shown below.

CategoryBritax Emblem
Rear-Facing Child Weight5-40 lbs.
Rear-Facing Child Shoulder Height9 – 16.75″
Forward Facing Child Weight20 – 65 lbs.
Forward Facing Child Shoulder Height12 – 16.75″


This car seat is simple to put together. Car seat installation is something I’ve had to do a number of times in the past, and I’ve discovered that I’m not very good at it. However, the installation of this car seat was very simple.

It is equipped with push-button latch connections as well as built-in lock-offs. Therefore, installation is as simple as pressing to click and pulling tight using the latch mechanism. Because the shoulder belt has a built-in seatbelt locking clasp, there is no need to add anything else to secure it.

This was a pleasant surprise, but it took some muscular power to get the latch tethers to fit snugly. Aside from that, I had no problems.


In terms of safety performance, the Britax Emblem outperforms many of the more costly devices produced by Britax, including some of their more expensive products. The Britax Emblem not only meets or surpasses all federal safety requirements, but it also incorporates a number of additional safety measures.

In addition to dual-layer side impact protection, compressing base cells, an energy-absorbing headrest, and a thick protective shell, the vehicle has many more safety measures. Because of these advanced safety measures, your kid will be much safer than even the most costly versions.


A child can take a decent pounding on the seat, and it seems to be able to withstand much more abuse. When you pay this much money, you would expect the car seat to last at least six years.

The Britax Emblem, on the other hand, has a very normal lifespan of 7 years, and it is unlikely that it will fail before that period. With a steel structure, the seat is built to be durable and long lasting. In addition, it has the high-quality stitch work and overall workmanship that Britax is renowned for producing.


The Britax Emblem is equipped with a cover that can be removed without having to remove the harness, which is a very handy feature. Unfortunately, it must be hand cleaned rather than machine washed, which is a hassle for some people.

Nonetheless, this is preferable to spot cleaning since I am well aware that the smell of juice and milk never appears to go without removing the cover and washing it.


It is protected against faults in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase if you buy the Britax Emblem 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat. Proof of purchase is required, and the production registration must be received by the manufacturer within thirty days of the purchase date.

What is Included With the Britax Emblem?

The Emblem includes all of the following.

  • The SafeCell Impact Protection system has unique safety elements that are designed to keep the infant safe and secure throughout the process.
  • The harness may be adjusted in ten different configurations to ensure that it fits the kid properly as he or she develops.
  • The latch connections were designed to be secure in their position. When parents hear the click, they may rest certain that their kid is safe. Pushing a button is all that is needed to detach the connections from the cable. The kid is basically shielded from danger and protected from harm.
  • An baby safety seat is provided especially for the purpose of keeping babies safe.
  • Parents may choose from a range of Britax attachments that are available for purchase separately, including:
  • Cup holder that can be converted
  • Seat belt protector for automobiles
  • Cling sun shades are available in two-packs and may be purchased online.
  • A pillow to provide head and body support.
  • Mirror in the backseat
  • Bag for transporting the car seat
  • Seats are protected by a water-resistant lining.

Overall Impression

In fact, as previously stated, the one significant feature that is missing from these new Essential seats is “ClickTight,” which is a seatbelt installation function that enables you to attach the seat quickly and simply without the need to utilize the LATCH connection. You’ll spend between $190 and $200 for these Essentials seats, compared to $300 or more for an MBA (Marathon, Boulevard, or Advocate) ClickTight seat, which represents a substantial savings.

Don’t get me wrong, the ClickTight function is very useful… yet you can get by without it just as well. In reality, we were without it for many years before it was developed by the researchers. Assuming, of course, that you are a competent LATCH installation… you’ll be just fine. That’s all there is to it.

The Allegiance and the Emblem are the names given to these two new seats. They are priced midway between the Graco Size4Me and the Chicco NextFit, and they are in direct competition with the Graco Extend2Fit in terms of price and features.

FYI – Britax has also released a relatively new “All in One” seat called the One4Life, which has a number of design trade-offs and feature overlaps with the other Britax seats. New class of car seats called “All in One” provide protection for children from infancy to forward-facing seatbelt mode.

General Features

Despite the fact that you are purchasing “Essentials” chairs, you will still benefit from the following characteristics of their ClickTight range of high-quality seats:

  • LATCH connections with superior push-button technology (they won’t break your nails)
  • built-in lock-offs (to prevent the seatbelt from becoming “locked” during installation)
  • A no-rethread harness with ten height adjustments and two crotch positions should be used for a baby.
  • The anti-slip rubber base and quality materials, as well as the velcro strips that assist keep the harness straps out of the way while putting your child in and out, are fantastic.

Safety Features

Despite this, you still receive most of the safety features featured in the higher-end Britax seats, including the ones listed below:

  • The “Versa-tether” is a V-shaped tether developed by SafeCell Technology.
  • Lockouts that are pre-installed
  • Frame made of steel with reinforcements
  • Side-impact protection is provided by deep side walls that are coated with energy-absorbing EPP foam to cushion the impact.

Most significantly, both the Allegiance and the Emblem perform well in crash testing, so you can rest certain that you aren’t losing anything in terms of overall safety.


Although the Britax Emblem is a member of Britax’s value line, it nevertheless offers a number of benefits that make it a desirable buy.The fact that this seat is very safe is its most important benefit. The Emblem fulfills or surpasses all federal requirements, and its performance is even better than that of some of Britax’s more costly seats, which is impressive.

Side impact protection is provided by a dual-layer design. In comparison to the majority of safety seats on the market, which provide no side protection at all, this is an improvement. What’s even more shocking is that it outperforms some of Britax’s own seats, which only provide single-layer protection..


This is an excellent car seat, particularly when you consider the cheap price. It does, however, have a few drawbacks to consider.I would really like it if the cover could be machine washed. I believe that washing the cover in a machine would make it cleaner. In addition, it would be much more convenient to do so.Another drawback is the absence of built-in cup holders on the vehicle. Cup holders for the car seat may be purchased as clip-on accessories. Clip-on cup holders, on the other hand, do not perform as effectively as they could since they have a propensity to break.It would also be more pleasant for younger infants if the car seat featured a couple of more reclining settings than it does now. This would aid with the slumber of babies and make it simpler to keep them secure while the car seat is rear-facing.

Who is the Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat, and what does it do?

This car seat is for parents who desire a stylish car seat for their children. It is compatible with both front- and rear-facing cameras. It is preferable for front-facing children, and therefore for older children.This is the best option if you prioritize convenience while getting in and out of the seat.Is there anything that the Britax Emblem car seat can do for you?This Britax car seat is completely risk-free to use. As a starting point, the Britax brand is well-known for producing high-quality car seats. Second, they go above and above when it comes to achieving the bare minimum in terms of safety. They have a tendency to outdo themselves.

The latch mechanism on the car seat makes it simple to put it in place. Despite the fact that it is lightweight, the frame is constructed of steel. Due to the fact that it can easily sit two people on each side if it is installed in the center, the design is thin or narrow in appearance.The greatest feature is the use of straps. There is no need to manually rethread them at any point in time. This is the kryptonite of my existence. I’m at a loss as to how to do such things. In this case, it is my spouse who comes into play. He’s capable of solving any problem. Let us return to the path of least resistance one more time. In my last post, I failed to explain that most car seats are only tested for front and rear crashes. As well as front and rear crash protection, Britax offers side impact protection. Side impact protection is provided by two layers of material.

The overall quality is good. There is nothing particularly noteworthy about the content. It may be cleaned without any problems.The design is excellent since it allows you to simply place and remove your child in and out of the vehicle.

People also ask

Is Britax better than Graco?

Overall, you will discover that Britax seats are more costly than Graco seats, but they also have more features that are related to safety and comfort than the latter.

What is the difference between the Britax emblem and allegiance?

The following are the primary differences between the Britax Emblem and the Britax Allegiance: Safety. Even though both car seats are made of steel, the Emblem features a headrest that can be quickly and easily changed to accommodate your child’s growing head as they become older. Side and headrest cushioning on the Allegiance are thicker than on the other models.

Which Britax car seat is the best?

1. Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Best For Ventilation System

  • Leg should be loaded.
  • Comfortable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Installing and cleaning this product is a breeze.
  • Excellent level of protection.

Is Britax worth the money?

I like our Britax, and believe it was well worth the additional money for such an easy-to-use seat. The inexpensive one we purchased had positive reviews, but after using my britax, I find it difficult to use the other one. We have three chairs, and I like the more costly ones over the less expensive ones, but not the most expensive ones.

Is Graco or Britax safer?

They are expensive because they are very safe to use. Comparatively to other businesses who produce car seats and strollers for customer testing, Britax develops and manufactures car seats and strollers to be the safest possible under real-world conditions. Britax goes above and above the criteria set by law, while many of its competitors produce products that meet the minimum requirements.

Does Britax emblem have anti rebound bar?

The Graco Extend2Fit proved to be more difficult to install, but the Wirecutter testers were able to get it to operate. It came in second place in crash testing behind the top choice, Britax, and is somewhat lighter (22 pounds compared to Britax’s 28.4 pounds), making it a bit simpler to move about than that seat. It is also capable of supporting heavier children.

What’s the difference in Britax car seats?

Side impact protection is provided by two layers of protection: an energy-absorbing shell and a foam-lined headrest that cover the head, neck, and torso. In the case of a collision, the Anti-Rebound Bar assists in reducing movement.

How do I recline my Britax emblem?

The only real difference between the Britax Clicktight Boulevard and the Advocate is that the Advocate has side impact plastic on the exterior of the car seat, which adds a third layer of side-impact protection to the car seat.


We appreciate the introduction of the Britax Essentials range, which allows more people to get acquainted with the Britax brand. Allegiance and Emblem are excellent convertible seats that are affordable for most people; the Emblem is somewhat more costly but has an additional layer of side impact protection around the head; otherwise, they are identical.

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