German-designed Cybex provides a diverse range of strollers, car seats, and baby carriers that are renowned for their high-quality, innovative design and stylish appearance. Here is the best Cybex stroller review for 2022.

This range includes the luxury Priam and Mios strollers, as well as the Cloud Q car seat, which is the only infant car seat on the market that can recline to a flat position for babies. With the Gold line, the business can provide a broader range of goods and pricing ranges, including the Aton series of baby car seats, Sirona convertible car seats, and other items.

Best Cybex Stroller Review

The e-Priam electric-powered stroller, the Sirona S convertible car seat with 360-degree rotation, and SensorSafe, a smart sensor integrated into the chest clip of all Cybex car seats are among the company’s most recent inventions.

Top 10 Cybex Stroller Review

1. Cybex Agis M-Air 3 stroller

This stroller is lightweight and maneuverable, making it ideal for urban settings. It was much simpler for me to concentrate on my lovely surroundings while walking, which is something I find myself doing less of while maneuvering a stroller. The Cybex Agis M-Air3 (sounds good on the tongue, doesn’t it? haha) is a little and enjoyable device to operate. This will work from a baby to about 55 pounds, which is pretty much the whole time they will need it.CYBEX Agis M-Air3 Baby Stroller, Moon Dust

So, what are the features?

  • From the time of birth until the time of 55 pounds
  • Folding mechanism that only requires one hand
  • Never-flat tires are available.
  • 5-point cushioned harness for the 3-in-1 travel system, which may be used with either the Car Seat or the Carry Cot
  • The term “Air3” comes from the three-wheeled configuration of the vehicle.
  • Shade with peek-a-boo mesh that retracts when not in use
  • Handle with a single button for adjustment
  • This is a stand-alone function.
  • Reclining chair with storage basket
  • Tall backrest Lightweight and small in size

The small footprint of this stroller makes it ideal for errands like rushing to and from childcare or even for vacation. It is used by a number of my friends as a second stroller for those occasions when they need something that is less cumbersome and more maneuverable. Because it is lightweight, pushing a stroller is not a very demanding exercise. If you live in a mountainous region, as I do, you will enjoy the design’s lightweight construction. And if you have a tiny vehicle, this will take up very little room in your trunk.

Cybex strollers are known for their high-quality finishes, and this stroller does not disappoint. The cloth is of high quality, and the brand’s emblem is subtle and not in your face, as is typical with most strollers with large logos.

One of the main reasons why I appreciate this stroller is that it can be transformed into a travel system for two people. If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to the ability to attach a car seat or carrycot to the stroller’s frame using a click. If your kid is asleep and you don’t want to have to a) carry the car seat around by hand or b) move your sleeping baby into the stroller, you may utilize both types of seats at the same time. The car seat is secured to the stroller frame, so the infant will not be aware of what has occurred.

2. Cybex Agis M-Air4 stroller

Identical to the Agis M-Air3 stroller, this stroller is lightweight and simple to move about your home. One of the most noticeable changes is that it has four wheels instead of three, as opposed to the previous model. There are some individuals who like the traditional four-wheel stroller style, and this stroller is ideal for them.CYBEX Agis M-Air4 Baby Stroller, Autumn Gold

So, what are the features?

  • From the time of birth until the time of 55 pounds
  • Folding mechanism that only requires one hand
  • Never-flat tires are available.
  • 5-point cushioned harness for the 3-in-1 travel system, which may be used with either the Car Seat or the Carry Cot
  • The term “Air3” comes from the three-wheeled configuration of the vehicle.
  • Shade with peek-a-boo mesh that retracts when not in use
  • Handle with a single button for adjustment
  • This is a stand-alone function.
  • Reclining chair with storage basket
  • Tall backrest Lightweight and small in size

If the Agis-M Air3 seems to be too compact for your needs, you may choose this stroller. Despite the fact that it is still very small, it is somewhat larger than the Agis-M Air 3. Because of the four-wheel design, you have a bit better control over uneven terrain or a sidewalk that has an unexpected bump. Despite the fact that this stroller is somewhat larger than the Air 3 stroller, it only weighs one pound more than the Air 3. Weight-wise, there isn’t much of a difference, which I like.

One of the things I like about contemporary strollers is that the toddler seat can be converted into a car seat or even a carrycot if necessary. This is referred to as a “travel system,” and it is very handy if you find yourself constantly carrying your car seat around with you. In order to avoid exerting yourself, just attach your car seat into this stroller frame and let it to do the heavy lifting for you. In 2018, no one should be required to carry a car seat.

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3. CYBEX Agis M-Air 3 Travel System

The use of this transportation method allows you to kill two birds with one stone. With this package, you’ll get a sleek lightweight stroller as well as their highly rated car seat, the Aton 2. The greatest thing is that you can simply switch out the stroller’s seat and replace it with the car seat if you want to have even more flexibility.Cybex Agis M-Air 3

So, what are the features?

  • From the time of birth until the time of 55 pounds
  • Folding mechanism that only requires one hand
  • Never-flat tires are available.
  • Car Seat or Carry Cot may be utilized with a 3-in-1 travel system, which is hinged open at the bumper. 5-point cushioned harness is included.
  • The term “Air3” comes from the three-wheeled configuration of the vehicle.
  • Shade with peek-a-boo mesh that retracts when not in use
  • Handle with a single button for adjustment
  • This is a stand-alone function.
  • Reclining chair with storage basket
  • Tall backrest with a lightweight design
  • Compact

Car Seat

  • The car seat base has a sun shade with SPF 50 protection.
  • Infant seat insert with 5-point harness and shoulder and buckle cushions that may be adjusted.
  • Side-impact protection is provided.
  • Design that is oriented toward the rear
  • Installation is simple.
  • Lightweight and small in design
  • It weighs about 9 pounds.

If you’re looking for something lightweight and small, the stroller and car seat are ideal as a combination. Some car seats are very large, but the Aton 2 from Cybex is designed to fit in smaller vehicles well. Despite the fact that it is smaller in size, it does not provide less protection for your infant. Because of stringent requirements, car seats must pass stringent safety inspections before they can be placed on the market for general distribution. Not to mention that, as a result of its 2014 merger with Goodbaby International Holdings Limited, Cybex now has over 25 years of expertise and research in the areas of design, testing, and child safety.

4. CYBEX Eternis M4 Baby Stroller

Essentially, the Eternis M4 is a three-in-one transportation system. It may be used with Cybex baby car seats and can also be used as a pram when used in conjunction with the Carry Cot (sold separately). As a result, it is appropriate for both babies and toddlers to use. Please keep in mind that the car seat and carry cot must be bought separately.CYBEX Eternis M4 Baby Stroller, True Blue

Buyers Like:

  • Large all-terrain rubber wheels never run flat, even on rough terrain. Front tires are filled with EVA foam, while the rear tires are filled with PU.

A luxurious ride even on uneven terrain. It folds swiftly and compactly with a single hand, making it ideal for travel. Storage that is little

With a 5-point safety harness, it is very comfortable. It also has a tall backrest that can be adjusted in many positions with one hand. When folded, it weighs little more than 20 pounds. • Ratchet-able canopy and plenty of storage space

  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in three appealing colors
  • Maximum carrying capacity of 55 pounds

Buyers Dislike:

  • The footrest is permanently attached.
  • It is missing a parent tray, a kid tray, and a cup holder.

5. Cybex Priam Stroller, Lux Seat- Autumn Gold Denim

Cybex goods are often affordable, but this is a high-end stroller that displays the best that the brand has to offer in terms of design and functionality. This particular Priam is very difficult to come by (they only manufacture a limited number of these, and they sell out fast!) If you’re in the market for a high-end stroller, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Cybex Priam Stroller, Lux Seat- Autumn Gold Denim

Buyers Like:

  •  It has an extremely stunning appearance without sacrificing functionality. That is a very uncommon combination.
  • Several honors have been bestowed upon her.
  • It may be utilized in a variety of different ways. Accepts Cybex baby car seat is a high-quality product.
  • When combined with the carry cot, it transforms into a pram (infant car seat and carry cot available for purchase separately)
  • A forward- or rear-facing stroller seat is a cozy and comfortable option.
  • It is possible to utilize it from birth. Especially beneficial for developing youngsters
  • There are three different wheel options to choose from: light wheels for smooth city strolls, all-terrain wheels for rough areas, and trekking wheels, which are a hybrid solution for a variety of terrains and conditions.
  • Folding with one hand
  • One hand is used to recline.
  • Baby may sit at table height so that he or she does not feel left out.
  • Seat belt with padding and UPF50+ protection A sunshade, an adjustable footrest, and a storage basket are all included.
  • Materials and textiles of superior quality and durability

Buyers Dislike:

  • Accessory fees are additional.
  • Strollers that are not on a tight budget

6. CYBEX Agis M-Air3 Baby Stroller

The Agis M-Air3 is a lightweight and nimble aircraft that weighs just 16 pounds. Even in tight turns and across rough terrain, its three-wheel design means that it is easy to control. However, despite its small size, this stroller is packed with functions and can be transformed into a 3-in-1 travel system. The Cybex baby car seat and carry cot are accepted.

Cybex Agis M-Air 3 Aton 2 Travel System, Moon Dust

Buyers Like:

  • Never let your tires get flat. Wheels with EVA foam filling
  • Folds in a single motion using one hand
  • When folded, it can stand on its own.
  • It takes up very little storage space and is small enough to fit in city vehicles.
  • The seating provides a generous quantity of padding. Backrest may be reclined with one hand.
  • Suspension on all four wheels
  • Sun and wind protection provided by an extendable XXL canopy. UVP50+
  • From the time of birth until 55 pounds
  • Choice of 4 beautiful colors

Buyers Dislike:

  • Accessory fees are additional.

7. Cybex Balios S Stroller in Denim Blue

The Balios S is suitable for children from birth up to the age of 48 months or 55 pounds. It is a great match for Cybex baby car seats and carry cots, among other things. A standard tabletop height, the seating is suitable for cafés, restaurants and even at home. When traveling over rough terrain, the front swivel wheels may be locked in place.Cybex Balios S Stroller, Denim Blue

Buyers Like:

  • Available in three eye-catching hues and patterns. The telescopic handle may be adjusted to four different places. Parents of almost any height may benefit from this product.
  • One-handed self-standing fold; one-handed 180-degree backrest recline; one-handed self-standing fold
  • The ride is more pliant thanks to the larger all-terrain wheels and improved suspension system.
  • XXL Sun canopy with UPF50+ protection
  • A shopping basket may carry up to 11 pounds of merchandise.
  • This product is designed in Germany and is available in either parent or forward facing configuration. It is an exceptional value for money.

Buyers Dislike:

  • There are a plethora of accessories available, but they are expensive.

8. CYBEX Balios M Baby Stroller

The Balios M is available in a variety of vibrant colors to complement your style. The Cybex Urban Stroller is not only a fantastic urban stroller, but it can also be converted into a 3-in-1 travel system by connecting it to the award-winning Cybex infant car seat and carry cot.CYBEX Balios M Stroller, Moon Dust

Buyers Like:

  • Stroller seat with 5-point safety harness and reversible stroller seat with multi-position recline
  • All-terrain wheels that never run flat
  • Compact one-handed fold EVA foam filling is used in the front tires, while PU foam filling is used in the rear tires. It may be used both in the city and in the rural.

All-wheel suspension

  • Height-adjustable handlebar – ideal for people of different heights
  • UV50+ adjustable canopy for sun and wind protection
  • Swivel-locking front wheels
  • All-wheel suspension
  • There is a lot of storage capacity, yet it is just 20 pounds in weight. It has a carrying capacity of up to 55 pounds.
  • Seats are at the same height as the majority of tables.

Buyers Dislike:

  • Additional accessories such as a food tray and a child board are not included in the package. Separately sold items are available for purchase.

9. CYBEX Eternis M3 Baby Stroller

Eternis M3’s three-wheeled configuration makes it an excellent choice for city driving situations. It has a small turning radius and can be maneuvered with ease in busy areas such as downtown districts, shopping malls, and other retail establishments, among other locations.

CYBEX Eternis M3 Baby Stroller, Hot and Spicy

Buyers Like:

  • If used with infant car seats, it can be converted into a complete travel system. It can also be used as a pram with a carry cot.
  • It has foam filled front and rear tires that never go flat.
  • It has swivel-locking front wheels. It has a comfortable seat with 5-point harness and one-hand recline adjustment.
  •  It weighs only 19 pounds and can carry up to 55 pounds. It has an extra large, UV50+ rated sun-shade.

Buyers Dislike:

  • There is no way to turn around in the seat.

10. CYBEX Iris M-Air Baby Stroller

This ultra-lightweight city stroller is just 20 pounds in weight. In terms of capacity, it has a carrying capacity of 55 pounds. The storage basket is easily accessible and large enough to accommodate all of the required materials. When riding on a fairly flat surface, the ride is pleasant. Additionally, it is available in three eye-catching colors!

CYBEX Iris M-Air Baby Stroller, Autumn Gold

Buyers Like:

  • Convertible to a travel system – car seat compatibility is an added bonus.
  • Can be used from day one since it is designed to work well with the carry cot.
  • Self-standing fold with one hand.
  • One-hand seat recline with 5-point harness.
  • UV50+ certified canopy.
  • Height adjustable handle.
  • Reversible stroller seat.

Buyers Dislike:

  • Although designed to be used in cities, this stroller performs poorly on rough rural routes.

Guide to Cybex Strollers

I was strolling with my children a few weeks back when I happened to see a neighbor who had just given birth to a child. I stopped for a little conversation with her and noted that the brand of her stroller was unfamiliar to me. The style of her stroller piqued my interest, so I inquired as to its make and model, which she informed me was a Cybex stroller. After having a few children of my own, I’ve developed a strange fascination with strollers. Until I became a mother, it was not something I could have imagined. I then noticed that they were all over the place! And they were very pleasant as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Luxury Convertible Stroller

Cybex strollers may be classified into a few distinct groups. The Balios S, on the other hand, is ideally suited to the category of premium convertible strollers. Convertible strollers are the most convenient kind of stroller to use since you can convert the seat into an infant carrier or a bassinet. In addition, you have the option of turning the seat to face either forward or backward.

A premium convertible stroller, on the other hand, takes the features one step further. First and foremost, Cybex’s convertible strollers are simple to adapt to meet the changing requirements of your child. Second, they provide a smooth ride that is excellent for infants and toddlers.More than that, there are many other convertible strollers that enable parents to personalize their children’s stroller rides. Cybex, on the other hand, is distinguished above all else by its luxurious characteristics. Despite the changeable seat, the Balios S stroller folds down to a small footprint. Additionally, with the addition of your baby’s car seat, it transforms into a three-in-one travel system.

An all-around excellent option for parents of fussy babies is a convertible stroller that offers additional comfort and smooth-riding features as standard. Moreover, they are suitable for older infants who want to be able to view their mother while traveling in their stroller. As an added bonus, a convertible stroller that can be folded flat is excellent for smaller infants or for people who want to sleep while on the move. More information on how Cybex’s Balios S meets these kinds of requirements may be found here.

People Also Ask

Is Cybex a good stroller?

Cybex strollers, based on our personal hands-on inspections, are usually well-designed and built products. Previous Cybex models were well-liked (but not universally adored) by our audience. The fold on the Iris is an excellent illustration of this—you must first fold the seat back on itself before you can fold the seat forward. After that, the stroller may be folded in half.

Which Cybex stroller is best?

Cybex Priam Stroller

Cybex Priam Frame All Terrain – ChromeCybex Priam Frame Trekking – Matte black
Price: $649.95Price: $649.95

Who makes Cybex stroller?

Second, the parties often engage in “discovery.” This means that each side provides information about the case. Sometimes, discovery involves “depositions” where witnesses answer questions under oath. This process can lead to either resolution or to trial.

What’s the difference between Cybex Priam and e Priam?

e-Priam chassis has a battery/motor-operated rear, which I believe is the only significant difference between the two vehicles. This additional function assists you while pushing uphill or on rough terrain surfaces, as well as when braking/slowing downhill or when using an unsecured stroller that just rolls on without being kept in place.

Can baby sleep in Cybex Priam?

A newborn of eight months old might easily be accommodated in this space since it is so long, broad, and deep. The ventilation panel at the top of the carrycot, which can be opened with a zip, is one of our favorites. The need of safe sleeping is paramount, and this really did ensure that the infant had the required air flow.

Can you run with a Cybex stroller?

Children under the age of six months are not permitted to use the seat unit. To use the AVI at an earlier period, you can simply connect any CYBEX or gb car seat with adapters (which are available separately) to the frame. When an infant car seat is connected to the AVI, the vehicle must never be used for jogging or running.

What stroller is compatible with Cybex car seat?

Austlen, Baby Jogger, Babyhome, Babyzen, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, Cybex, Contours, Jané, Joovy, Mamas & Papas, Micralite, Mountain Buggy, Mutsy, Nuna, Peg Perego, Phil & Teds, Quinny, Stokke, UPPAbaby, and Valco Baby are just a few of the popular strollers with which the Cybex Aton Q is compatible.

Where are Cybex strollers made?

Cybex is a German company that manufactures mostly for the European market but is gaining traction in the United States market.

Are Cybex car seats safe?

CYBEX car seats are designed with world-class safety features and technological innovation in mind. They are aware that when it comes to your child’s protection, nothing is more important. Their car seat should be designed to keep them comfortable, safe, and happy while traveling. Your child’s development is covered by a CYBEX car seat at every stage of their life.

What’s the difference between Cybex and CBX?

When compared to the better Cybex, CBX offers goods that are simpler and more inexpensive, while yet being visually appealing. Because of this, CBX is an excellent option for less demanding parents with a lower budget who do not want to sacrifice practical utility or beauty.

Is Cybex and GB the same?

It owns and runs brands such as Goodbaby, GB, Cybex, Evenflo, CBX, Rollplay, Happy Dino, Urbini, and other branded children’s goods for infants and toddlers, among others.

Is goodbaby a good brand?

Goodbaby has won many international accolades for its innovative product design, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the iF Product Design Award, as well as other international medals for its outstanding product design and quality.


The Balios S stroller from Cybex is a high-quality stroller with a plethora of features that can comfortably transport your kid from birth through toddlerhood. Because of the versatility of the convertible stroller and its many attachments, there is a comfortable position for everyone—including caregivers—thanks to the telescopic handlebar and simple-to-use folding and reclining features. Of course, the Balios S isn’t for everyone, and there are a few disadvantages to opting for this particular model and this particular manufacturer. Other budget convertible strollers, like as the Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller, are available for consumers seeking for a more inexpensive option. These budget convertible strollers provide comparable features at a reduced price range.

Additionally, there are various lightweight reversible strollers available for parents who may be seeking for additional features in their convertible stroller of choice. For example, a travel system like as the Baby Trend Snap N Go EX provides more compatibility with infant car seats for parents who already own an infant car seat that they are familiar with and enjoy using.

As an alternative, if you like the design and functionality of the Balios but would want additional parent storage built in, the Graco Literider LX has a parent tray with two cupholders in addition to a snack tray for the kids.

Of course, there are some compromises in terms of mobility and weight, but no matter how hard we tried, it’s difficult to discover a stroller that meets the needs of every family on the market. But that’s exactly what we’re here for: to assist you in finding the best match for your family (or your kid), no matter what they need.

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