Best Power Wheels For 6, 7 & 8 Year Old

A 6, 7 & 8 year old child may not be able to drive a motor vehicle, but they should still be able to enjoy the feeling of being behind the wheel of a car. Power wheels can fill that need, and we’ve rounded up the best of them on this list. We’ve included tricycle-style vehicles, which are light enough for your child to drive alone, in addition to cars and trucks that can be driven by a parent or older sibling.

Let’s be honest: no, you aren’t going to get a real Ferrari or Lamborghini, but you can give your kid the next best thing in a Power Wheels vehicle. As with any vehicle, you want to do your research before you buy. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you.

Top List of The Best Power Wheels For Your 6, 7 & 8 Year Old


1. Rollplay 6V Chevy Tahoe Police SUV

This is a great toy for your child. Kids can pretend to be real police officers as they chase the bad guys. This toy is so much fun and a great way for kids to let off some steam.

The Rollplay 6V Chevy Tahoe Police SUV is a fantastic, highly detailed die-cast vehicle. The vehicle has working doors, a removable roof, and an opening trunk. The vehicle is powered by two 6V batteries (included). The vehicle is fully licensed and approved by the manufacturer. Additional details include real rubber tires, a detailed interior, and a metal chassis. The Chevy Tahoe measures 3.75″ long x 1.5″ wide x 2.4″ high. The vehicle is recommended for children ages 4 and older.

This is a 6V ride on car that is built for the outdoors and ready to hit the dirt. It is a full function ride on toy with forward, reverse, and neutral modes. The car has a 6 volt battery and charger. The car is built from real steel and has a rugged finish. The vehicle is equipped with a horn, working lights, and an adjustable seat belt.


2. Kids 12V Ride On Lamborghini

Kids can ride in style with this 12V ride on Lamborghini that features high quality Lamborghini and Audi wheels, “real” engine sounds from a built-in MP3 player, a working steering wheel to control direction, and an adjustable seat belt.

The 12V Ride On is constructed of metal, and plastic. The speed of this ride on car is 2-3 mph, it also offers MP3 connection. With its durable, all-metal frame, this ride-on would make a fun and unique gift for any child. We’re sure they’ll love revving up the engine and speeding around on it!

This sweet ride is great for kids ages 5 to 7. The power wheels ride on toy allows kids to control the speed through the foot pedals while mom or dad rides along beside them. It’s the ultimate kids car toy!


3. 12V Kids Ride On Truck

This Ride on Truck will definitely thrill any child, and comes with realistic features that include:

  • 2.3HP Motor
  • Canvas Seat
  • Working Headlights
  • Working Tail Lights
  • Working Brake Lights
  • Working Left and Right Turn Indicators
  • Working Horn

This 12V Kids’ Ride-on Truck allows children to unleash their adventurous spirit just like mom or dad. With its durable construction and safe design, it’s a great choice for parents who want their children to engage in outdoor activities but still remain safe. This Lil’ Rider 12V Ride-On Truck is the perfect way for your toddler to cruise around! This cool ride-on truck features a working horn, headlights, and a removable parent remote, so you can make sure your tot is always safe and in control. This ride-on toy also has a safety belt and removable seat for added safety, and a rugged construction with a metal chassis that can handle all types of terrain!

Find out why kids are begging for the Pink Ride On Toy Truck instead of the Barbie Jeep. It’s a relatively cheap ride-on toy (especially compared to other ride-on toys), and it is incredibly durable.


4. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

The Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali is a 1:16 scale replica of the classic GMC Sierra. It has fully opening doors and tailgate and is compatible with Hot Wheels and Matchbox car and truck sets. Your child can pretend to drive this sturdy, scaled-down pickup truck that’s great for outdoor play. A fun and realistic recreation of the workhorse Chevy Silverado, with working doors, a tailgate, and a detailed engine.

The GMC Sierra Denali is a top of the line 2018 SUV with amazing safety features and a slew of innovative features.


5. Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Red Ride On

The Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Red Ride On is a four-wheel-drive ride-on specially designed for little adventurers. With its high-performance features and sleek, retro-inspired styling, this ride-on is a thrill for riders of all children 5-13 years ages.

This Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Red Ride On is ready to ride. It features working headlights and taillights, a retractable kickstand, and a working horn. The Polaris RZR 900 Ride On comes with a two-speed shift with automatic, durable, sealed bearings and the front and rear suspension are adjustable. The seat is adjustable, and the rear wheels are just like those on the real Polaris RZR.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Should my child wear a helmet on power wheels?

Ans: It is recommended to put a helmet on your child’s head when riding a power wheel. Helmets prevent head injuries in the event of a fall.

Which age is best for power wheels?

The best age for power wheels is 3-12 years old. Power wheels are best suited for kids who are tall enough to reach the foot pedals, strong enough to control the car, and who have developed sufficient cognitive skills to understand how to play with it safely. Kids who are 8 and over will enjoy playing with the toy because it will be a more realistic experience. Children who are under 8 years of age require adult supervision when they are driving the car.

How fast does a 12V ride go?

The 12V ride has a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. But general speed is 2-3 miles per hour.

What is Power Wheels?

Power Wheels are electric battery vehicles for children. It’s brand of battery-powered toy cars manufactured since the late 1990s.

Can kids drive an electric car on their own?

Children will need to be able to reach the pedals and the steering wheel. Fully electric cars do not have a gearbox which means that they do not have gears for kids to learn to drive. You will need to look for cars that have a transmission so that your child can use the car on their own.

*** Children under the age of 8 may not be able to fully control an electric car’s acceleration or braking system.

Can the kids drive electric cars inside the house?

No, it isn’t safe to drive electric cars inside the house. But you can charge them inside. if there is enough free space inside the house then they could but it’s still risky.

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